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Meet Charietta

Experienced Accountant & Owner

Charietta has over 15 years in public accounting, corporate finance, and leadership.  Her career expands over several industries, while working with entry-level positions to top executives at some of the most well-known companies across the globe. She is taking the skills, knowledge and experience learned in these spaces and bringing it to those that have not traditionally had access to those type of opportunities but still require guidance in successfully running their business.


What We Specialize In




Tax Preparation

CFO Services

Credit Card

Waiting until you're rich to start caring about your money is like waiting until you're married to start dating.

“The limited time I worked with Charietta was enough to know she likes helping her peers.  Any questions I had, she would answer them throughly. She is a great at what she does, a team player, and someone whom I learned so much from in my limited time working with her.”

- O. Lara

“Charietta's professionalism and knowledge about the workings of a business made the experience more bearable. My team and I have interacted with her on multiple occasions and each time her attention to detail has impressed all of us.  She has been a pleasure to work with and will be a valuable asset to any team she is on or leads.”

- T. Jones

“Charietta has a positive, outgoing personality and is a pleasant to work alongside.  She is a dedicated profession with strong worth ethic, initiative, and leadership skills.”

- G. Martin

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